Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund
-Conserve biodiversity which “ties up” all lives in the earth-

Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund, a non-profit and nongovernmental organisation, contributes to protect the world of wildlife representing their voice and interests, so that global biodiversity and the natural environment of human beings will be conserved.

As a practice to meet the purpose, JTEF has developed several programs supporting the field activities for conservation of tigers and elephants in their habitat. It also dedicated efforts to reduce Japanese demand for wildlife products.

Tigers and elephants are the symbols of conservation not only in Asia and Africa but also in other parts of the world. Tigers stand at the top of “food chain”. Elephants make a tremendous impact on the habitat through is feeding and other activities. Tigers and elephants play an important role in their ecosystem and need vast habitat to continue living naturally. Thus, conservation of tigers and elephants leads to conserve the whole ecosystem in their range, so that conservation of biodiversity or securing the evolutionary process with 4 billion years history will be symbolised by their survival.

English acronym of “JTEF” pronounces 【jei・tefu】. It is 【tefu】 of 【tefutefu】, old Japanese meaning butterfly which is described in the logo of JTEF. As a member of the world of wildlife, a small butterfly also exists with tigers and elephants which support the whole ecosystem which our rich life also relies on. Furthermore, the form of wings ∞ (infinity) of 【tefutefu】 includes our wish that the evolutionary process on the earth would continue eternally and the world of wildlife would continue developing.

The conservation funds for tigers and elephants had been a project of voluntary organisation of Japan Wildlife Conservation Society (JWCS). But when we consider the urgent crisis of wild lives, improvement of the quality of the projects which are carried out in their habitat and making the coactions with local partners more close are needed to be completed. For the purpose, Tiger Conservation Fund and Elephant Conservation Fund were spun off from JWCS and got registered as independent NPO under the name of “Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund” (JTEF). JTEF, inheriting the philosophy of JWCS, will develop its Asian programs for tigers and elephants, African programs for elephants and also a new Japanese program for wildcat or “Iriomote cat Conservation Fund”