NGO's Submitted a Petition to WWF-Japan

To Request Them to Stand Together On the Position

That Japan's Domestic Ivory Market Must Be Closed

 On Feb 15, three Japanese organizations including JTEF, which are working for elephant conservation & on CITES issues, sent a petition requesting WWF-Japan to support "a strict measure to prohibit internal ivory trade" and to work together towards the closure of the domestic ivory market in Japan as a matter of urgency. A response was requested within 2 weeks.  In October 2016, CITES adopted a resolution on closure of domestic ivory markets worldwide in order to reduce the demand for ivory and slow the detrimental poaching which is occuring. After the adoption, China and Hong Kong both of which had already decided to close their markets, announced the road map toward the closures. EU countries are moving forward to their closures swiftly. Now, only Japan still claims that the recommendation of closure is not applicable to Japan's market.
 On the other hand, WWF-Japan and its branch of monitoring wildlife trade (TRAFFIC) are in the position that it is not necessary to close it now. But, it is very important for pressing the Government of Japan to get the support of the world's biggest environmental organization.
  The petition outlines why this is not the case. Please read the full letter for yourself and take action by contacting your own WWF office to encourage them to improve their efforts to save the elephants.


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