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We promote the conservation of nature for the future of all wildlife. By maintaining a rich natural heritage we support our healthy lifestyles as well.


Wild tigers are only found in Asia. As a symbol of strength, but with only 3,500 left in the wild, they have become the symbol of extinction. The tigers rely on rich habitats where they can move vast distances to find prey. Protecting the tiger means protecting the forests and in turn, protects our natural resources which support all human life.


The massive elephants represent the vast wilderness of Asia & Africa, shaping the ecosystems as keystone species. Powerfully pushing trees down, they are creating a beautiful mosaic of forests and grasslands and planting seeds in their droppings, as they move over vast distances. By saving the elephants, we can conserve the habitats where they live.

Iriomote Cats

Since its discovery in 1965, only 100 individuals are thought to be living as the top predators on Iriomote Island, the smallest area in the world where wild cats are found. Humans living in coexistence with nature and this cat for thousands of years is a testament to the harmonious way of life on the island. We hope to continue to support the sustainable way of life on the island.

News and Resources

Reality Check: Japan’s Legal Domestic Ivory Market – Toward he 77th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee (SC77)
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The 77th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee (SC77) will be held on 5th to 10th November 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund (JTEF) and Envitonmental Investigation Agency (EIA) published a briefing Document for delegates to SC77. Overview ● Japan’s legal framework for the control of the trade in elephant ivory is designed and built to regulate…

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PRESS RELEASE: International community relies more on Tokyo than on Japanese government on regulating over open domestic ivory market
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Japan Tiger and Elephant Fund and 16 NGOs in the world sent a letter to the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike in January 2023, requesting to enact an ordinance to be adopted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly to close the ivory market in Tokyo with only very narrow exemptions if necessary. The Advisory Council on Regulation of Ivory Trade designated under…

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PRESS RELEASE: Inevitable Challenges: Restriction of Tourist Visitation to Iriomote Island
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JTEF and its office in Iriomote Island: Yamaneko Patrol published a report on reducing levels of tourist visitation and strengthening the traffic management measures designed to reduce road fatalities of Iriomote cats. It aims to review the Japanese government’s report on its response to the World Heritage Committee’s decision. This report concluded that setting a specific allowable limit of the…

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PRESS RELEASE: Japan Prime Minister Urged to Commit to Japan’s Ivory Market Closure
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Washington, DC and Tokyo, Japan – Before the 19th meeting of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) Nov 14-25, non-government organizations are appealing to Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for Japan’s commitment to closing its ivory market to protect elephants from the threat of ivory trade. The letter states:…

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