Financial Reports

We depend on your donations as the main financial resource for JTEF’s programs.

  • We decide which programs to implement according to our philosophy behind wildlife conservation.
  • The programs we conduct show a direct conservation effect and are implemented on the ground in the habitat.
    Eg: A program promoting government agencies and local residents working together to be able to manage habitats and decrease conflict.
  • Using the wildlife as an indicator species (for example a tiger), we will determine which habitat can be regarded as important when looking at the big picture.
    Eg: In Central India the project we support is a place that is threatened with habitat loss, but there is enough land for a wildlife corridor which connects two larger tracts of cohesive forest, making it a very important part of the conservation of Tigers in that area.
  • We will find projects that are important and within our range of support.
    Eg: The places we chose to work are not as famous, but areas where other International support have overlooked. If it plays an important role in conservation of the species
    Eg: When there is an urgency that cannot wait for other organizations to move.

You can have confidence that your donation will be used for conservation programs.

  • When deciding on a program, JTEF communicates directly with our partners on the ground and we respectfully listen to their opinions and collaborate on planning and implementation of the project continuously.
  • JTEF staff conduct on-site visits so they can report to donors and provide sufficient information regarding status and confirmation of use of the donations on the ground.
  • Our staff works hard to minimize administrative costs as much as possible and ensure that your donations are going directly to project costs (such as programs on the ground, policy recommendations, environmental education programs in Japan)
    Eg: The office hires only 2 full time staff, but the Chairperson and Executive Director are unpaid, with over 20 volunteers and part time staff who are experienced and work to implement programs such as planning charity events, financial support, publicity, local programs and foreign language translation.
  • Annual expenditures are posted in detail on the website as a legal requirement for certified NPO’s for both the general accounting as well as for each conservation fund we manage.