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February 2020

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Upcoming Events *Spring 2020*
428 284 Japan Tiger Elephant Organization

Due to the current CoVid19 spread in Japan, some of these events might be cancelled. Please check back before the event for more information or contact the event host to find out the latest. Please take care… The JTEF Staff 🐘 Kanazawa Zoo Fundraising Event March 20 ❤“Snack Time for Elephants”❤  visitors can give a snack to the Kanazawa Zoo’s elephant, JTEF will have a fundraising booth at the zoo.   (1 volunteer needed) Official time for event to be announced…probably 10:30AM – 3PM Share our FB event: Closest station: Kanazawa Bunko (Keikyu Line) Plus, you will need an additional 20 mins by bus and walking to get to event area.   🌸Spring Love 2020 KeenFest At Yoyogi Park Mar 28 ・ 29 (Sat:…

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