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August 2019

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Decision by Yahoo! Japan to End Ivory Sales Celebrated by Elephant Advocates
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Geneva, Switzerland Elephant advocates are celebrating reports that Yahoo! Japan, the world’s largest internet ivory retailer, has decided to end sales of elephant ivory on its platforms by November 1st, 2019. The decision was based on evidence that ivory purchased on Yahoo! was being exported illegally to China, according to inside sources. It comes on the last day of the global wildlife trade conference in Geneva where Japan’s domestic ivory market has been in the spotlight with a growing chorus of countries calling for its immediate closure. “This is great news for elephants,” said Danielle Grabiel, Wildlife Team Lead for the Washington, DC and London, UK based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). “Yahoo has recognized what the Government of Japan still denies: Japan’s…

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World Elephant Day Tokyo Aug 12
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Aug 12 is World Elephant Day!  We will have an event for JTEF and Our Partners The Ueno Zoo! From 6:30PM, JTEF President Kumi Togawa, will have an discussion with the Ueno Zookeepers about the latest updates regarding wild elephants. Additionally, fundraising merchandise for JTEF will be sold by YUI from 3PM, with a Zookeeper talk happening at 5PM in front of the Elephant Exhibit. There are two species of elephants in the world, African and Asian elephants. The population of Asian elephants is 46,000-49,000 living in the wild in 13 different countries. Up to 60% of the world population (27,000 individuals) can be found in India. India is the only country that has the expansive area needed as a natural…

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