PRESS RELEASE: Inevitable Challenges: Restriction of Tourist Visitation to Iriomote Island

663 645 Japan Tiger Elephant Organization

JTEF and its office in Iriomote Island: Yamaneko Patrol published a report on reducing levels of tourist visitation and strengthening the traffic management measures designed to reduce road fatalities of Iriomote cats. It aims to review the Japanese government’s report on its response to the World Heritage Committee’s decision.

This report concluded that setting a specific allowable limit of the number of tourists to Iriomote Island which is to be considerably less than the one before Covid-19 pandemic is essential from the perspective of both reducing levels of tourist visitation and prevention of road fatalities of Iriomote cats. It was submitted to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that is responsible for examining the response of Japanese government to comply with the decision by the World Heritage Committee.

It is now to make the important decision in order to protect the nature of the Island and make the tourism in the Island sustainable.

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