BLOG: KEEN + JTEF Us 4 Iriomote

647 627 Japan Tiger Elephant Organization

April 12, 2019  Aoyama, Tokyo

A well-known footwear company, KEEN held a media event to launch their “Us 4 Iriomote” campaign in 2019 to help conserve the natural/cultural environment in Iriomote island.

The initiative includes funding some non-governmental organizations working on the ground, producing a movie featuring the people’s life in Iriomote island throughout four seasons, promoting 4 actions that people can do to help support the future of the natural wilderness of Iriomote.
1 Get to know the nature & culture of Iriomote.
2 Take action to protect the nature of Iriomote.
3 Have dialogue about and envision the future of nature.
4 To Continue to maintain its beauty for the next generation.

This Keen CSR project will help us keep working to save these precious wild areas in our own small actions!

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